• Having at least 2 years of practical experience on stem cell manufacturing or cellular therapies (GMP).
  • Must be a graduate of a medical faculty or universities' biological sciences department.
  • Must have her/his specialty (for medical doctors) on stem cells and/or cellular therapies or have a PhD. degree in stem cell research and/or cellular therapies (for graduates of biological sciences).
  • English knowledge of good level (having a score of at least 70/100 in YDS-Foreign Language Examination or other exams that are equivalent).


Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Center established under the roof of Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (IBG) is looking for experienced personnel to work with. As a center for production of human cells for treatment, NEVCELL is in the process of adapting to the relevant legislation of the Turkish Ministry of Health (1a, 1b) and the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Manual of Medicinal Products for Human Use (2). For this purpose, candidates who have worked in institutions having GMP, GLP or similar quality management systems would be preferred.

1. The Responsible Manager will take role as the director the Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Center.

1a- Regulation on Human Tissue and Cells, and the Quality and Safety of Related Centers.

1b- Notification on Licensing of Human Tissue and Cell Products and Centers Applying Production, Export, Import, Storage and Distribution Activities.

2. Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines for Manufacturers of Medicinal Products for Human Use.