Zebrafish Facility Technician

Work Definition
We are seeking a full time zebrafish core facility technician who is energetic, enjoys experiments and likes animals.

Main Responsibilities

  • Assisting the core facility supervisor on daily core facility functions.
  • Maintenance of zebrafish stocks and zebrafish database and labelling of the aquariums.
  • Genotyping and phenotyping of fish stocks.
  • Daily monitoring of the aquarium systems, calibration of the systems when required, informing the facility supervisor and the technical service in case of malfunction.
  • Follow up of facility consumable stocks and ordering.
  • Performing microinjections, xenograft injections and other experimental procedures under the supervision of core facility supervisor.
  • Assisting the researcher trainings offered by core facility.
  • Responding to emergency situations (This may require responding off-working hours).
  • Monitoring the core facility activities to make sure the researchers follow ethic regulations, biosafety regulations and IBG's quality requirement. Reporting of violations to the core facility supervisor.

Minimum Requirements

The eligible candidates must:

  •  Have a BSc degree obtained from Molecular Biology, Biology, Veterinary Medicine or a related field, MSc degree is preferred
  • Have a background in molecular biology or experimental animals or genetics
  • Be an organized, meticulous person with good communication skills
  • Be a good at team work, willing to contribute to a positive work environment
  • Be able to work with chemicals and biological materials in laboratories at either S1 or S2 biosafety level
  • Be aware of the biosafety rules and work accordingly in the laboratory
  • Speak Turkish fluently and English at intermediate or a higher level. The successful candidate shall be confident in Turkish communication, and shall understand written text and protocols in English
  • Must have completed military service (applicable for male candidates)
  • Reside or be able to reside in Izmir